Housing Search and Stabilization


Helping Families and Individuals Find and Maintain Housing

NEW! We are now a HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Agency

Address: 2625 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134-2107
Phone: (408) 468-0100 or (408) 325-5277,
Fax: (408) 944-0234

Description and Services for Those Who Need Housing:

Catholic Charities Housing Search and Stabilization Program works to help individuals and families find safe, stable and appropriate housing. By enrolling in our program, you can receive:

  • Individualized assessment of housing needs
  • Listings of current available and affordable housing tailored to your specific needs
  • Help finding a landlord who will offer shared housing
  • Information and education on how to present yourself to a landlord, how to be a good tenant, how to fill out a rental application, etc.
  • Financial Education Classes as a first step towards credit repair, and open an Individual Development Account
  • On-going support once you are housed!  Rental assistance as available, landlord/tenant mediation and case management

Rental prices for shared housing units generally range from $400-$600 per month. Studios and apartments vary widely in rent depending on subsidy, size of unit, etc.

Description and Services for Landlords:

For over 25 years, Catholic Charities has been screening and placing appropriate clients in houses and apartments in Santa Clara County. As a landlord enrolled in our program, you benefit by:

  • Free publicity for your vacancies
  • Thorough assessment of all applicants
  • Financial education for applicants with poor credit
  • Access to rental assistance/ deposit assistance
  • On-going support for any issues encountered

Description and Services for Shared Housing Providers:

  • Receive help with formalizing a shared housing rental agreement
  • Help with service exchanges if you are willing to rent a room for less in exchange for help around the house, yard, etc.

Eligibility and Requirements: Very low-/low-income families and individuals or single parents with children; housing seekers must earn less than 80% of the County’s area median income. Please call us if you have questions about whether you qualify.

Waiting List: None. The time it takes to find housing, a room to rent, or a housemate depends on the amount of time and energy the client puts into making calls and interviewing the participants in our program.

Fees: None.

Hours and Availability: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Geographic Area Served: Santa Clara County

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese