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Shelter and Safe Car Park Sites for 2017

Below is a list of parishes who are involved in opening their doors as shelters or safe car parks in 2017.

Shelter Sites (in alphabetical order):

  • Holy Spirit - Contact: Mike Ferrero, (408) 997-5111
  • Most Holy Trinity - Contact: John Estrada, (408) 729-0101
  • St. Frances Cabrini - Contact: John Dahl, (408) 879-1120
  • St. Francis of Assisi - Contact: Bob Dolci, (408) 793-0566
  • St. Julie Billiart Parish- Contact: Sharon Aeria, (408) 629-3030 x117
  • St. Martin of Tours - Contact: (408) 294-8953

Safe Car Park:

  • St. Catherine - Contact: Carol Lillig, (408) 857-4516
  • St. John Vianney - Contact: Ellen Turner, (408) 258-7832
  • St. Lucy - Contact:

If you are part of a comunity that may be starting a new shelter site this year, please contact John Rinaldo directly to let him know.

Training and Resources:

2017 Shelter Schedule

Shelter/Car Park Best Practices and Resources



Measure A: Affordable Housing Bond for Santa Clara County

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, as well as Charities Housing, and Bishop Patrick McGrath of the Diocese of San Jose, all support Measure A, which is a housing bond meant to provide additional housing in Santa Clara County. Thank you to all who supported this measure. It passed on election day.

Click here to find out more.

Click here to read an editorial regarding affordable housing, written by Bishop Patrick McGrath and Khanh Duy Russo.

Charities Housing Development (2500 Senter Road)

Charities Housing has successfully advocated for more Housing units for the homeless in the County of Santa Clara. The City of San Jose City Council approved Charities Housing latest development at 2500 Senter Road, San Jose. This new housing development will provide 160 units of affordable housing for those who are homeless in our community. This new housing unit will go a long way in supporting those who have been chronically homeless and reducing the number of individuals living on the streets or in their cars.

The synopsis can be found here and is item 11.4. Here is some supporting document for your review.

Extension of Church Shelter Emergency Ordinance

Because of the great advocacy work of the Catholic community, the San Jose Housing Department and City of San Jose approved the extension of the emergency ordiance. The new ordinance allows a faith community to create a shelter at the church site for up to 90 days for a maximum of 30 individuals who are homeless. This is an exciting change and allows our pairsh commuinties to provide a shelter for more people and more days.

The synoposis can be found here and is item 4.3.


The following videos were created by Holy Spirit Catholic Parish in San Jose to raise awareness around the issues of homelessness in Santa Clara County. The following 4 videos were shown at all Masses for 4 weeks in a row and set the stage for launching this new ministry.

Homeless Outreach - from Holy Spirit Church on Vimeo.

This video was used for training purposes for volunteers choosing to get involved in service at their shelter site.

Homeless Outreach - Training from Holy Spirit Church on Vimeo.

This video recaps the impact the shleter had on the community.

Holy Spirit Homeless Shelter from Holy Spirit Church on Vimeo.

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